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Un grazie speciale alla Redazionie di GQ Italia per l'articolo che trovate:

Data post: 16 Febbraio 2018
Il Piffero

Un sincero Ringraziamento a tutta la Redazione de Il Piffero in particolare a Marco Adriano.

Un Ringraziamento speciale va invece a Marianna Santoni che ha creduto in questa meravigliosa "Follia"


Data post: 10 Gennaio 2018

Guarda il VIDEO cilca qui


Why donate to this project and where will the fundings go?

Life is full of heroes: the men, the women and the children who dare to stand above the rest. The people with passions so deep they are willing to dedicate everything to them. These are the people we look up to. Theirs are the stories that inspire.

We truly believe in this film and the people who make this event so incredible, so much so that we have paid all the costs ourselves so far. But to bring this project and the story it tells to a wider audience, ...

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